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Our approach to self-improvement

Two things stand out, about working with Jon Myers, The World's Best Mediator: One is that the approach to improvement is based on a philosophy, a science even, that is all about you. Contrary to so many long-standing approaches in our world, that are based on criticism, the Science of Inner Strength functions from a sense that there is an innate goodness and strength within you. This strength must be found and then developed in appropriate and assertive ways. Second, is the sense that Jon Myers is uniquely qualified to assist people in the process of change, based on his forty years of service AND his having made substantial improvements and changes in his own life. Jon understands that the process of change for a human being is challenging and delicate; and Jon is encouraging and respectful at the same time.  Third even, is the optimism that Jon brings, with a full sense that you can do it; and perhaps most profound is the sense that challenge really does represent opportunity; and there is none better in finding the hidden benefits of opportunity within your particular challenge.


Make the turn to champion's mindset

Through the work, you will find the champion's mindset and sense of resilience that you can handle whatever life throws at you.


The dawn of a new way

The central challenge in our world today, is to become who you really are in appropriate and assertive ways. By working with Calm Interventions you will find parts of you, you did not know exist, and have the courage to develop them to your full potential.