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Teaching that true strength resides in purpose and goodness

Teaching that true strength resides in purpose and goodness

Teaching that true strength resides in purpose and goodnessTeaching that true strength resides in purpose and goodnessTeaching that true strength resides in purpose and goodness

Learn how challenge, uncovers the true you and your inner strength

Welcome to the Science of inner strength

The Science of Inner Strength is a philosophy, a way, an approach developed by Jon Myers. Based on Jon's journey to find his own inner strength; Jon does not know everything but knows that finding your inner strength is a gift you give yourself, family and/or your organization. Apply the science in a variety of ways. 


Changing psychology: What you and the world need to know

The winning mindset for today: A shift in our psyche towards goodness

Through a variety of influences, the psychology of today, has changed and continues to change. The excitement of the internet and rapid forms of communication on one hand, bring great opportunity; and on the other there seems to be a slippage in our sense of decency, and just treating one another with respect. Jon Myers, The World's Best Mediator AND Founder of the Science of Inner Strength understands these changes, like none other. One crucial element that is in play, is a seeming societal sense that being crass and condescending is strength. Indeed, such pejorative behaviors are the opposite of true strength. Part of the Science that Jon has developed pertains to the emergence of extreme narcissistic, even psychopathic behavior into our collective culture. Extreme behaviors threaten to overturn the basic fabric and decency of our culture. 

Through the Science of Inner Strength and Jon's book "Iceberg: What good people need to know about psychopathic behavior" Jon is both helping people understand about lesser behaviors, and also through  his own life and work, Jon is demonstrating that true strength resides in finding that unique, appropriate and ultimately good part of us. In some ways, Jon is reversing the human paradigm away from condemning our faults; and towards encouraging and developing those good qualities of: Kindness, determination, compassion and wisdom.  

The Science of Inner Strength can be applied to a range of situations, from organizations seeking to find their core purpose and market it appropriately and assertively, to couples facing a possible divorce; to individuals looking to grow their dreams, to even governmental agencies looking to resolve issues and serve the public good in a better way. In this way, the Science of Inner Strength can become a badge of Honor for those seeking to influence the world in a positive direction. The twin elements of Prosperity and Purpose are the cornerstone of the Science of Inner Strength. We get that people want to make a lot of money in this day and age. There is no problem with prosperity; the key is that our planet is at too precarious a place, not to marry our pursuit of Prosperity with a sense of positive purpose.

Who we serve: Those who wish to raise their game and increase their influence: Apply the Science!

  • Businesses, who seek to define their core selves and not be impeded or distracted; while influencing the world; 
  • Couples and families in challenging moments; who want to make changes, preserving  and enhancing what is good, while minimizing damages;
  • Individuals who have a vision and a dream to help the world, and need guidance.;
  • Governmental entities and leaders who seek to focus on the real work of helping others, and enhancing their societal influence;
  • Sports teams and figures who seek synthesis and increasing their societal influence;
  • Anyone experiencing a challenge, who seeks to find the hidden benefit, and turn it around for the better.


Iceberg: Jon's amazing memoir pointing towards our humanity


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Jon Myers, feels like his life was called, beginning in March, 1996 for a higher purpose. Through a perfect storm of events, which Jon considers once in a millennium or Biblical in nature, Jon found himself opposed by an amazing constellation of opposition. From his own family of origin, to an ex-wife, to an American divorce system. Jon stood alone through what he considers to be a psychopathic storm of thirty years long. While unfathomably challenging; such events, allowed Jon to find his inner strength, in the way of his commitment to his children, his life and society. In book one, of Jon's remarkable journey, he begins to share how it ALL began, and how Jon responded. A must read for anyone facing extreme narcissistic, psychopathic or otherwise emotional abuse, inappropriate divorce law or challenge in general. The events were so extreme and outrageous; Jon developed a Science of human understanding, and an effort to turn the world towards decency. Pre-order now or contact to be one of the limited few to receive a free sample chapter. 



Jon Myers: The Science of Inner Strength AND the qualities of the World's Best Mediator

Jon's journey to finding his inner strength was a long and arduous one. In the midst of challenges, even adversity, Jon found his true calling, his inner strength, and spent twenty-three years in developing it. Now Jon is ready to share with the world, how finding your inner strength is a crucial element of survival, success and thriving in the years and decades ahead. We are in new times and Jon show you how to adapt.

Jon's qualities are a wonderfully imperfect mix, of kindness, care, determination, insight, humor and more. Fundamentally Jon has empathy, and while he encourages your growth, Jon can put himself in your shoes. Jon is non-judgmental, through the testing ground he went through, and in that way, is not fazed  by our imperfections and challenges. Challenges are not problems; for winners and champions they are opportunities for growth and success. You, your family, your business can become a champion.


Businesses, individuals and families benefit from the Science

By finding one's central identity and purpose, almost any entity can benefit from the work and teachings of the Science of Inner Strength. Businesses benefit by honing in on their core identity, and developing the resilience to serve, withstanding obstacles and political dynamics. Individuals benefit by find their core values and being able to identify and pursue their dreams. Couples and families find their way, by sorting through what is important, preventing divorce in some cases, and proceeding positively if separation needs to be made.


Calm Intervention Inc.'s commitment to Service

In these confusing times, one of the things that we must emphasize is our commitment to basic decency and service.  Calm Interventions Inc. has a philosophical commitment to decency and a more fair and understanding society: We practice what preach, with that very commitment to respect and care for our clients. No matter how challenging the situation; we confidentially welcome people with a sense  of care, fairness and innovative service to meeting your needs. We have a ground-breaking understanding of today's changing psychology. No challenge seems too great or small, because it is your life and your situation. Finding your inner strength in the midst of challenge, will provide you with the breakthrough needed to move your performance to a higher level, AND enhance your enduring  influence.

About finding your sacred inner strength


A diamond from figurative coal

Part of our core: Learn the secret of turning challenges into opportunity. With Jon's compassionate genius; an organization, family or individual will find their true appropriate strength and flourish. It is all about you, in the end; it is about finding that sacred part of you. It is that special and appropriate part of you that represents your purpose and potentially your destiny.  By discovering your inner strength and developing it, you will reach new heights, and shine like a diamond.


The champion within: Inner strength works for companies, individuals and families.

There is a champion within most, if not all of us. The key is to find our inner strength and bring it forwards positively and appropriately. Inner strength decreases conflict and inspires forward and enduring action. People are confused with our changing social dynamic how to relate. The Science of Inner Strength helps you discover your most appropriate and assertive path.


Stepping stones to success: The Science is applied to a wide range of situations:

These times demand the best you. Working with Jon is a wonderful journey to find the true you. Make the call or contact today!

Like the Wright brothers: The Science saves time and money

The Science of Inner Strength: An innovation in communication

Sounds "ludicrous," does it not; just like a flying machine in the air. It is those brave and amazingly persevering souls, like the Wright Brothers who innovate and literally lift us upwards. Not to mention such innovations save us so much time and money. Imagine, if we solely had to drive from East Coast to West Coast. Or relied on horseback; "ludicrous" in the 21st century.

Similarly, Jon sees, the Science of Inner Strength as an innovation in our communication, psychology and understanding. One of the programs of the Science of Inner Strength is the Magic seven hour x $1200/hour assessment. This approach saves companies money, while lifting them up by helping them come to the right decision and direction, based on your true identity, not mere public relations. For a couple, considering divorce, the Magic Assessment can sort through the issues, and put the couple on the right track; regardless of their decision; so money and aggravation are not wasted on unnecessarily conflictual drama. For individuals, who want to reach their dreams and truly move to a higher level; the Magic Assessment identifies their true life purpose, and encourages them to move ahead assertively and appropriately in the direction of their dreams. Even governmental agencies and educational institutions can benefit in the same way. Like the Wright Brothers literally lifted us up; Jon seeks the same in the 21st century, in terms of our quality of discourse, human relations and collective purpose. 


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Jon Myers: Putting his stake in the ground for our humanity

A better society: Jon shines the light

As many of us can see, the tenor of our society is basically challenged in many spheres: Political, financial, social and more. It is as if we have lost our basic sense of humanity, which purpose for one, can start to address. More than words, Jon's life has taken on a crusade for decency over the past twenty-three years. The great learning in Jon's life, came through a perfect storm of circumstances beyond his control that challenged Jon at an extraordinary level. It was such a incredible array of forces that somewhat spontaneously  aligned to oppose Jon. Jon discovered the basic unfairness of our divorce system, and challenges within our American legal system; most of all, Jon experienced intense emotional abuse, from people close to him, perhaps due to their confusion. Because Jon had deep underlying interests in the way of his children, his life, and our American society, he could not give up. One thread of Jon's work entails exposing the dangers of emotional abuse, and working to improve our American judicial system. The opposite of emotional abuse or any form of abuse is the dignity of the individual and decency. Jon's life and work seems wedded to the notion of bringing these basic concepts back into vogue in American life. Through the Science of Inner Strength companies, individuals and families can also do this, with a shift in mindset that will elevate their prosperity and enduring societal  purpose, Like Jon has discovered; your business, your family, your passion can become one of the leaders in society by committing to your prosperity and purpose in a positive way.

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Support Jon's efforts to wipe out abuse of all kinds, including emotional abuse, and restoring our sense of decency.